Thursday, 6 June 2013

Technology In My Class

Today I went and met my cooperating teacher for internship and had a tour of the school. The school is really small and the number of students is also very small. I will be teaching a grade 1 and 2 class with a total of 15 students in it. When I got to the classroom I will be teaching in I realized they are pretty up to pace with technology. The class I will be in has a t.v, computers and a smart board in it. I am really excited to use the smart board because I haven't had many chances to try them out yet. I feel like I will learn a lot about using them and plan on trying out a lot of new things on it.

I also realized that the school is very adaptive for students with various needs. They have a room with different materials or fidgets that can be taken to different classrooms or used in that room as well. They have different types of balls that can be used for seats and other gadgets that may help students focus or stay calm.

I am very excited to use and try out different things with the technology that is available to me as well as have the resources available for students who may need them.