Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Classroom Cooking

Something that I love to do with friends and family is cook. I think it would also be something that could be extremely fun to do within the classroom. There are so many different things that you could incorporate it into.

  1. Math- While cooking students would get to practice their measuring and maybe even some conversion skills for different recipes.
  2. English- You can have students practice their writing and reading skills by looking at recipes and having them write out their favorites to take home.
  3. Health- In health you can teach students nutrition facts and how they can create and cook healthy recipes.
I'm sure their are other ways that you can incorporate cooking into school subjects and afterwards I think it would be fun for students to be put into partners and do some type of presentation about cooking a healthy recipe. It would be fun for them to do a recording or cooking video explaining what to do while cooking the recipe and then maybe explain some of the nutrition facts or whatever else they learned about. This way you can incorporate student use of technology as well. I feel like it would be something that students would enjoy doing as it might not be common for students to get to cook in class as well as make their own instructional video for others to learn from.
Any other ways you can think of to incorporate cooking?