Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I love my job!

As i've mentioned, I am working for the Summer Sports School in the science portion for the summer. The job is so fun. Yesterday we went to Mother Teresa school in Regina and did two experiements with the grade 6 and 7 students.

We first tried an experiement to do with density using water, salt and food coloriung. Each color of water had a different amount of salt in it and when added together slowly with an eye dropper, it was meant to layer the colors due to the different density levels. It didnt work the best when the children did it but when I tried it somewhat worked. I think the kids were rushing, as was I so it didnt work the best. This is what it looked like.

After this we made lava in a cup. We did this by putting water with food coloring on the bottom and then oil on top. After this you sprinkle salt on the top which makes some of the oil fall, creating a lava lamp effect. The kids really loved this experiment. Although this picture isn't done while the oil is moving this is what it looks like.
Lastly, today I got to make a poster explaining circuits a little becuase we will be working with the students on making their own circuit. It was pretty fun and I feel the poster turned out great!