Friday, 7 June 2013

Gardening in the Classroom

My step sister and I have been working on planting flowers and different vegetables this spring and it made me think of how fun it would be to do this with a class during the spring. I feel like you could incorporate their learning in different subject areas into this type of project.

  • For science you can teach them about plants, their parts and what they need to survive.
  • For health you can teach about different food groups and go into what foods are healthy and connecting this to the vegetables they are growing.
  • For math you can discuss the space that plants need to grow by having students plan out how big to make the garden and how much of each plant can fit into that area. You could also figure out how much water to give each plant as well.
  • For social you can discuss how different plants come from different parts of the world and teach them where each plant they planted come from.
There are probably so many different ideas that could taught when it comes to planting and gardening. Can anyone else think of any?