Friday, 14 June 2013

Summer Fun

This week I started my new job at the Sumemr Sports School which is organized by and held at the University of Regina. I am working in the science portion of the camp and have been going over the planned lessons and activities the last couple days. I am so excited for all of them and can't wait to see the kids try them out.

Next week will be an awesome week at work! Myself and the other girl running the science portion will get to test out a bunch of the experiements to ensure they work. We wouldn't want them to fail while doing them with the campers!

Today we checked out one of them since we had all the equipment for it. It's called vibrobots and the students get to create their own miniture, moving robot using batteries, a mini motor and an LED light. The kids get to decorate and plan them how they want and have races to see which can move the farthest and quickest. How fun?!

I can't wait for July 2nd to come around so that we can do all these fun activities with the campers. This will be an awesome experience for me to have when it comes to teaching since I will be explaining the science behind each experiment, and also will have all these ideas when it comes to teaching my own class! This summer should be a blast!