Friday, 7 June 2013

Tech Task # 7: Cellphones in the classroom

The other day we listened to a session given by Liz Kolb. She talked to us about using cellphones in the classroom and gave us examples of how people have been doing this of recently. She gave us amazing ideas and tools that would allow a teacher to incorporate the use of cellphones in the classroom at different grade levels. She gave us ideas such as radio podcasts, recording oneself for presentations, for texting in summaries  of lessons or readings, or texting in answers to polls or questions. She gave us different ways we can use texting during the school year as well as during summer break. Liz also provided us with various sites to help us with this task. Here are a few of the ones I really liked:

I think that the idea that I would like to try the most is the Qrcodes. I feel like this would be a fun way to incorporate the use of cellphones into every subject area, and it also gets students away from just reading textbooks. Some ideas that I would like to try with Qrcodes are:
  1. English: For spelling I think it would be fun to have Qrcode on the spelling list that provided students with the verbal pronunciation of the word along with the definition and spelling of the word said out loud. This could be helpful for those students who are auditory learners while they are studying for tests.
  2. Literature: A fun idea for this would be to have a Qrcode on the books you have in the classroom. For each book there could be a description of the book from a students point of view. This could help students find books more quickly. Another idea for Qrcodes on books could be comprehension questions verbally read to them. They could then either record their answers or write them down which would be a way of assessing whether or not students are understanding what they are reading and to what degree.
  3. Math: For math class a Qrcode could be useful for test reviews. If you are giving students some type of review to do for a quiz or exam  to take home you can have a Qrcode at the bottom. This allows for the students to do the review then use the Qrocde to check their answers and the work that is needed to get the answer. They then know if they are doing it properly or not.
  4. Social: For social,it would be cool to have a worksheet with Qcodes on it that will take the students to a site with extra information or even pictures or videos that help explain the concept that they are learning about.
  5. Health: For this subject, you could have Qrcodes connected to different posters or sheets that take the students to sites about healthy food or the body. It could go to diagrams of the body and have videos of how the body works. It could also have videos on friendship or bullying when those topics are being discussed. 
  6. Physed: This would work well for if a teacher wants to do a circuit during gym class to allow students to work on the skills they are learning. There could be a piece of paper with a Qrcode on it for each station. It can take them to a video that shows what they will do at each station and how to do it properly.
  7. Science: This would be fun for showing students how different things work. It can be connected to different videos of experiments that are online or pictures. For example, when learning about lightning students could use the Qrcode on their homework sheet that shows them pictures and videos of lightning, then a video of an experiment that allows them to make their own lightning.
These are a few ideas I had for different subject areas. Anyone else have any ideas they can think of for certain subjects or topics?