Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tech Task #4: Be a Better Blogger

After listening to Sue Water's session on becoming a better blogger I made some changes to both the setup of my blog as well as to my post Tech Task #3: Why School?.

Blog Setup
To try and make my blog more appealing and easier for others to read I changed a couple things.
  1. Background: I changed the design of my background and made it so that it would be white behind my posts rather than being able to see the design. This made it easier to see what the post said. I also made it so that the size of the post was wider, making it so that the design was covering less of the page.
  2. Text: I changed the text size of my posts bigger as well as changed them to a darker color on a white background. I also made the title of my blog and the separate posts bigger and bold so they stand out
Post Edits
I also changed some details about my last Tech Task post. 
  1. Paragraphs: I separated my post into smaller paragraphs, making it more reader friendly. I also put an extra space between paragraphs so it was less crowded.
  2. Headers: I put in headers to help readers follow where my thoughts were going.
  3. Links: I added different links to my text. I put in links to our Ecmp page, Will Richardson's blog and video, Khanacademy, Knewton and Mark Klassen's twitter page as I discussed these people or sites in my post.
  4. Images: I added an image in to catch readers attention and give it some more appeal.
I hope that these modifications help make my blog and posts more appealing and easier to read! I will definitely try to follow these tips in my future posts as well.