Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Teach Task #5: All About Identity

Last night I watched a session with George Couros about online identity. It was really informing and I learned a lot. I realized that an online identity can either help you in ways or hinder you in ways, such as helping you get a job or not. It made me think about my own and how I can help create a good online identity for myself. It also helped me realize how important it is to help our future students create a good online identity for themselves from the start.

Part 2:
I googled my first and last name and this was the first few hits that came up.

I clicked on most of them to see where it went, and realized that none of the hits on the first page had anything to do with me. They were all on other people named Marley Riddell. Even on the second page of hits only 2 had to do with me, connecting to my blog and my google account.

It made me realize I don't have much of an online identity which is probably because I have my privacy settings really high. I think this is best for my personal accounts like facebook and realized that this will benefit me. I can now start creating a professional online identity and don't need to worry about my own personal stuff coming up first.

Part 3:

I have created an page and linked my twitter, blog and google account to it.