Friday, 17 May 2013

Tech Task #2, Part 2: Google Drive

I have only used Google Docs once before for another class. I was with a partner and we couldn't meet so thought we would try that out. I found that it had worked pretty well. It made it possible to work on it together from a distance. For this tech task I thought I would check out the spreadsheet and presentation apps on google drive as well, since I hadn't used them yet. I explored how to make them, and different features you can use while creating them. I feel like they would both be extremely useful when working in a school.
If you collaborate often with others or need to schedule out your week you could use a spreadsheet. They are easy to make and can  be used for both schooling and personally. The presentation app would be very useful if you and another teacher are working on a lesson or something together. Again, you can work on it together from a distance but then you would both also have it when you needed it. It would be good for when students are missing as well. If there are students who aren't there or a student who may have some type of serious illness and has to miss quite a bit of school you can communicate and have someway of showing what you did each day. It may not get them completely caught up but at least they would have an idea and can form questions to ask when they get back. There are so many uses that google can be used for and i'm looking forward to finding them and trying them out.